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Connecting Input Providers with Growers

See growers’ real-time operational environment to include:

  • Acreage
  • FSA Map View
  • Crop Type

  • Weather
  • Plant Health
  • Harvest Status

Easily integrate and market your technology service, or offering, on an agnostic cloud platform

Connecting Growers with their Data

Easily track and produce a premium crop (sustainable, organic, traceable)

Use ‘Best of Breed’ technology and consolidate all information in one place

One-stop-shop for historical and comparative analysis

Real-time report sharing (i.e., crop insurance)

Collaborate with grower organizations to set the standards

Connecting Marketing with Opportunities

See your market pool, real-time and from your desk, to include:

  • Acreage
  • Irrigation Acreage
  • Seed Variety
  • Yield

  • Weather
  • Plant Health
  • Operation Dates
  • Traceability

Hedging opportunities

New market development

Provide Analytics As A Service