Turn Data into Profits

The GiSC-Xchange™ platform offers tools that impact your Bottom Line. Harness the power of Data Analytics to maximize the value of your operation.

The GiSC Advantage

Powered by Growers™ : The GiSC Coop Platform puts the power of farm data in the grower’s hands and is uniquely positioned to give growers a voice in how farm data should (and shouldn’t) be used.

Real Solutions

GiSC’s focus is solving the information “pain points” growers face. Tools designed to simplify your life by providing secure and easy ways to capture, collect, store, and share farm data.

Operation & Production Tools

Solutions that employ intelligent capabilities to produce insights leading to improved decision-making & profitability of your production ag operation

GiSC’s Preferred Provider Network

GiSC offers an extended toolbox of state-of-the-art digital tools and solutions at discounted prices through GiSC’s Preferred Provider Network

GiSC: The Power of the Coop Platform

GiSC puts your farm data to work for you by joining U.S. growers together and extends that power to your supply chain partners and local agri-businesses

The GiSC-Xchange™ Platform is a secure, digital network that provides technology tools that impact a farmer’s bottom line and solve information flow “pain points” – while delivering the platform’s value back to GiSC’s grower-members through the Coop business model.

Why should growers join GiSC?

Through GiSC-Xchange™ growers will have access to industry leading technology products and services, including those offered by GiSC’s Preferred Partners in the Preferred Provider Network™.

By joining GiSC growers are not only utilizing cutting-edge technology, they’re also doing business with an organization that’s truly on their side. GiSC was founded and built by growers, and is run by growers!

GiSC is the only ag-tech company designed and organized to deliver the value of its network platform and its users’ data back to its users. As a Coop, GiSC’s value ultimately benefits its grower-members.

Experience the power of farmers, and their data, coming together.

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