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Growers Perspective

Grower’s Perspective is GiSC’s blog reporting from the intersection of the county road and the information superhighway.

The Farming Dilemma: “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!”

I am a farmer and I understand the need for independence and the desire to let the world know that we are full of grit and perseverance. We can stand against the onslaught of hail, drought, disease, and insects. Every year brings a new set of problems and we must solve a riddle daily, what is the best use of the next 15 hours of daylight if we are to bring a harvest from the seeds we planted. Howard Buffet, in his book about food scarcity and world hunger, 40 Chances, made me contemplate the number of times I get to test my farming ability.

Why IBM-Innovative Tools Coming to Ag

Why IBM-Innovative Tools Coming to Ag

By: Billy Tiller CEO/Founder GISC In the Fall of 1983 I started my sophomore year at Texas Tech University, majoring in accounting. I saw my first computer and it was a Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) Rainbow 100. I did not know anything about DEC except that it...

How To Find Independence To Trust Your Ag Data

By: Billy Tiller Founder/CEO GISC How often is the question asked, “Is it possible to get unbiased information in the world of agriculture today?” Many digital decision-making tools are owned by Big Ag, so the answer seems to be–NO. If the source is not Big Ag, then...

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