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GiSC Membership Agreement


Membership Agreement

1. Purpose

Grower Information Services Cooperative (“GiSC”) is a national cooperative association formed to help its Members collect, store, manage and leverage their ag data. Members are eligible to use GiSC’s web-based platform for ag data storage (AgHub) and GiSC’s related tools for harnessing your ag data (“Services”). GiSC is owned by its Members and governed by a Board of Directors, who are selected by GiSC’s Members.

2. Member Qualifications

To be eligible to be member of GiSC, you must be (a) person, (b) partnership, (c) corporation, (d) limited liability company, or (e) association that is engaged in the production of agricultural products (“Member”). Landlords and tenants who own or rent agricultural land are considered “engaged” and eligible to become members. Members agree to abide by this Membership Agreement, GiSC’s Bylaws, and all policies adopted by GiSC’s Board of Directors. Your membership in GiSC cannot be assigned or transferred except as provided by the Bylaws.

3. Membership Fee

Members pay a monthly fee of $50 per month (“Fee”). You agree that: (a) GiSC may automatically withdraw the Fee from your bank account via ACH transaction, credit card payment, or PayPal, and (b) you will provide GiSC with sufficient documentation to complete payment of the Fee. Additional payment terms may apply depending on the payment method selected. The Board of Directors may periodically change the Fee amount, payment terms, or provide promotional discounts for new Members. Your membership Fee will not be refunded for any reason, however, you may stop future payments by terminating your membership. A farm cooperative or similar membership association (“Association”) may provide GiSC’s Services to their members as a member benefit and pay the Fee for the Association’s members. In these instances, you will have no separate obligation to pay the Fee, but you will be bound by this Agreement in all other respects. If the Association discontinues use of GiSC Services, the Member may continue membership and pay the Fee or withdraw membership.

4. Membership Term

Once approved by the Board of Directors, your membership in GiSC shall remain active as long as you continue to meet the qualifications of a Member and pay the Fee. GiSC may terminate, suspend, or expel any Member according to the Bylaws. You may terminate your membership by providing written notice to GiSC at

5. Member’s Ag Data

GiSC has created an Ag Data Use Agreement (“Data Use Agreement”) that governs collection, storage, use, and sharing of your “Ag Data” (as defined in the Data Use Agreement). You agree to abide by the Data Use Agreement, including any updated versions approved by GiSC while you are a Member. If you cease to be a Member of GiSC, your Ag Data may be deleted according to the terms of the Data Use Agreement.

6. Tax Matters

Under Section 7.05(a) of GiSC’s Bylaws, you agree to include in your gross income (a) any distribution of patronage dividends made in any qualified written notice of allocation, (b) any per-unit allocations when made in qualified per-unit retain certificates, any (c) any other payment from GiSC considered income under state or federal tax laws.

7. Choice of Law/Arbitration

Texas law governs this Membership Agreement and Member disputes under GiSC’s Bylaws. Any dispute arising from this Membership Agreement shall be submitted to binding arbitration, conducted in Lubbock, Texas and administered under the American Arbitration Association’s commercial dispute resolution process. The decision of the arbitrator shall be final. The parties waive the right to a jury trial. Each party shall bear its own fees and costs.

8. Signing Authorization

If you are entering into this Membership Agreement on behalf of a partnership, corporation, or association, you represent that you have the authorization to bind the entity.

This Membership Agreement is your application to become a Member of GiSC. Your membership begins after this application has been received by GiSC and approved by the Board of Directors. You will receive a “New Member Welcome” email stating that your application has been approved. You may sign this Membership Agreement electronically or by completing the form below. GiSC shall store an electronic copy of your completed and signed Membership Agreement. An electronic copy can be provided to you upon request. Please email: to request a copy.


I agree to the terms of this Membership Agreement and apply for membership with Grower Information Services Cooperative.

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