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Privacy Policy

Data Stewardship

Grower Information Services Cooperative (“GiSC”) is a one-of-a-kind data cooperative founded by growers, for growers. As the representative of a community of growers who share a common interest in leveraging their farm operation data, GiSC is fundamentally committed to its grower-members “getting the most out of their data.” Out of respect for our grower-members as GiSC stakeholders, we will always strive to be transparent as to how GiSC operates and how the data you entrust to GiSC is used and managed by GiSC. The details and specifics in the Terms of Service below will reflect GiSC’s commitment as stewards of our grower-members’ data. That commitment can be summarized as:

1. Protecting Your Privacy: GiSC takes your privacy seriously. Personally Identifiable Information (information that identifies you, i.e. name, phone number, email address, etc.) will only be used by GiSC to provide the products and services offered by GiSC. This includes provisioning your AgHub™ web-based application system, securely storing the Personally Identifiable Information associated with your AgHub™ account, communicating with you, and providing technical support to you.

2. Getting the Most Out of Your Data: GiSC’s value proposition to its grower-members is to create a growing network of agricultural production data sets that, in aggregate, are used to produce value back to the community of GiSC members, including: actionable insights and high-quality, state-of-the art data analytics. The analysis and insights produced from these aggregated data sets are one of the primary benefits offered to our grower-members. Any data you submit, and/or any data submitted on your behalf (and with your consent), to GiSC and its AgHub™ web-based application system may be included in one or more aggregated data set. If any such data is included in an aggregated data set, the data will first be “de-identified” (any and all Personally Identifiable Information will be removed) before incorporating the data into such aggregated data set(s).

3. Transparency: GiSC is committed to transparency regarding the treatment and use of its members’ Ag Data. GiSC has created an Ag Data Use Agreement that governs collection, storage, use, and sharing of your “Ag Data”.

Privacy Policy – Introduction

This Grower Information Services Cooperative (“GiSC”, “we”, “us”, “our”) Privacy Policy describes GiSC’s policy regarding the collection and use of your data and information, as a user of GiSC’s services (“our Services”), including AgHub™ and the AgHub™ website. This Privacy Policy reflects our commitment to protect your privacy and interest in your data on GiSC’s platform, AgHub™.

By accessing, using, or subscribing to our Services, including AgHub™, you consent to GiSC’s Terms of Service , which incorporate this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Service , please contact us at

How Information will be Collected

From You

When you register for our Services, you will be asked to provide us with contact information, including first and last name, mailing address, email address, and phone number. Additional information may be collected from you to provide you with certain features of our Services. This could include sensitive information such as payment information and personal identification numbers required by third parties for access to additional data or services.

We will also collect data you intentionally submit to our Services. This includes production agriculture operational data submitted and stored in your personal data account. The submitted data is considered Your Data.

From Other Users

Other users of our Services may also submit data and information to be stored in your personal data account on your behalf (with your consent). Please be aware the user who submitted data to be stored in your personal data account is solely responsible for the accuracy of that information, and GiSC has no liability for any errors or omissions in that information. To the extent another user of our Services submits data to your personal data account, that submitted data will be considered Your Data.

Users who submit data to your personal data account agree the submitted data may be used by you for any lawful purpose and that you may copy, download, upload, transfer, and/or delete such submitted data.

From GiSC Preferred Partners

GiSC may access certain information from Preferred Partner Network™ partners: (i) you provided the particular partner as a user of the partner’s services, and/or (ii) data generated by the particular partner as a deliverable to you as a feature of the particular partner’s services to you. One of the primary objectives of the GiSC platform, is to be data collection hub, in which members’ data, from various sources, can be stored, accessed, and easily utilized.

As a member of GiSC and user of our Services, including AgHub™, you may have access to third-party services and applications that are available on our Services platform and/or offered through GiSC’s Preferred Partner Network™. Additionally, links to third-party websites, and other potential third-party interactions, may be available from our Services. GiSC, regardless of the level of integration with the third party, is committed to ensure these third parties add value to your use and experience of our Services. GiSC will also be diligent that these third parties acknowledge your privacy and rights in your data (see the GiSC Membership Agreement: Paragraph 9. Provision of Services by GiSC). However, GiSC would not own or control these third parties. Therefore, this Privacy Policy does not extend to third parties. You acknowledge you understand the information collected or used by these third parties is governed by that particular third party’s privacy policy and/or terms of service and release GiSC of all liability related to any third party’s conduct or service. Please review those applicable third-party privacy policies and terms of service agreements.

From the Use of our Services

As you access and use our Services, we may collect data related to that use. Data may be collected and analyzed to improve and update our Services, offer relevant and beneficial third-party services and applications, and provide tailored, specific content.

Data collected through the use of our Services could include utilizing “cookies” and other similar technologies placed on your browser. These cookies would provide us with data on how you use and interact with our Services. Your browser will likely allow you to set your cookies policy, including options to erase existing cookies, allow/deny cookies before they are stored, and block all cookies. Your browser may also have a “Do Not Track” option. This indicates your preference not to have your online activity tracked. In regard to all these options, GiSC will accommodate according to the browser options chosen. Please be aware, however, that one or more of the options may impede or prevent certain components of our Services.

From Other Third Parties

GiSC may also collect and store data about you and your production agriculture operation from third parties. Alternatively, in certain situations, third party data and information related to you or your operation that would enhance our Services may be requested on your behalf as a user of our Services or as a member of GiSC. Any data collected in this manner would be collected with your explicit consent by signing or acknowledging a data release authorization that would be sent to the third party to evidence your consent.

The Services offered include AgHub™. AgHub™ is an open platform for growers and the businesses and individuals that support those growers. It provides growers a simple and convenient way to capture data from a variety of devices and sources. The data collected is stored in a personal data account. GiSC makes it easy for growers to get the most out of their data by aggregating de-identified data stored in AgHub™ and applying data science to generate high-quality, actionable insights to you.

Please note GiSC retains the right to change the Services at any time. While we will typically notify you of any change in the Services as circumstances permit, we retain the right to make such changes without notice. This includes suspension or termination of components of our Services, updates or revisions to current components of our Services, and/or offering additional components to our Services.

As stated above, additional services may be added from time to time. If you choose to use those additional services, please be aware those additional services may be subject to additional terms. By accessing, using, or subscribing to those additional services, you consent to those additional terms in their entirety. If any provision in the additional terms conflicts with a provision in these Terms of Service , the provision in the additional terms will supersede the conflicting provision in these Terms of Service for the particular additional service(s) only.

How the Information Collected will be Used and Treated

When data is submitted by you, or on your behalf, to your personal data account, that data is considered Your Data. You own Your Data and you have the right and ability to copy or transfer that data at any time. You grant GiSC an irrevocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free license to Your Data. The license to Your Data that you grant to GiSC is subject to the following conditions that govern GiSC’s use and management of Your Data:

1. The use and management of Your Data is determined by the following two categories:

a. Protected Information: For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, Protected Information is any and all data/information in Your Data that contains Personally Identifiable Information. Personally Identifiable Information is any data/information that contains: (i) information about an individual and/or an individual’s family member(s), which a reasonable person would consider sensitive and/or private, including information such as, but not limited to, education, financial transactions, medical history, criminal or employment history, etc.; and/or (ii) information which can be used to distinguish or trace an individual’s identity, such as name, social security number, address, phone number, email address, date and place of birth, mother’s maiden name, biometric records, etc.; and

b. Generated Data: For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, Generated Data is any and all data/information in Your Data that is NOT Protected Information. Generated Data is “de-identified” data (Non-Personal Data): any and all Personally Identifiable Information has been removed. Generated Data DOES NOT contain any Personally Identifiable Information that is directly attributable to You or Your agricultural operations.

2. Protected Information. Personally Identifiable Information may be used by GiSC directly in the following ways:

a. Communication – GiSC may contact you via the contact information you provide when registering for our Services. These communications will be almost exclusively email messages sent to the email address you provide at sign-up. These messages would include registration confirmation, updates to legal agreements, such as this Privacy Policy, promotional offers on behalf of GiSC and GiSC’s Preferred Partners, technical support and update messages, and other applicable messages. You will have the option to unsubscribe to the various types of messages you receive from GiSC.

b. Provide/Improve our Services – We may use your Protected Information to provide certain components of our Services to you (payment information as an example). We may also use your Protected Information to analyze and implement upgrades and improvements to our Services, including technical support and customer service feedback.

c. Legally Compelled – Your Protected Information may be disclosed to the appropriate authority in the event GiSC is compelled by court order, or similar legal demand, to disclose certain information. As reasonable and appropriate, as determined by GiSC management, GiSC will notify you prior to such disclosure and allow you to attempt to quash or otherwise rescind any such legal demand.

d. GiSC Preferred Partners – Your explicit consent to share Protected Information with a particular GiSC Preferred Partner is given when you subscribe to, access, or otherwise use a service provided by a particular GiSC Preferred Partner, when that service is offered in conjunction with your GiSC Membership (i.e. the service is offered through GiSC, whether or not the service is directly accessible through AgHub™).

i. The Protected Information shared with the particular GiSC Preferred Partner includes ONLY the data required by the particular GiSC Preferred Partner service to function and operate.

ii. GiSC will be diligent to only include organizations in the Preferred Partner Network™ who hold similar values with respect to your rights in your farm operation data (see the GiSC Membership Agreement: Paragraph 9. Provision of Services by GiSC). However, the particular Preferred Partner’s end-user agreement will EXCLUSIVELY govern both Your use of the product/service and the particular Preferred Partner’s policy related to the treatment of the data consumed and/or generated by its product/service. You agree to hold GiSC harmless from any and all disputes, claims, or other actions, real or imagined, between You and any Preferred Partner.

e. Other Third Parties – Third parties may also be utilized by GiSC to deploy, improve, or facilitate our Services. In this situation, it may be necessary to share, or grant access to, user data to the particular third party to accomplish or complete the contracted tasks. Please be aware all such third parties will have executed a non-disclosure agreement with GiSC that prohibits the third party from sharing or disclosing your information and is subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

f. De-identify Personal Information – GiSC may de-identify (anonymize) your Protected Information. In this process, GiSC will ensure all of Your Data stored outside of your personal data account and/or incorporated into aggregated data sets (the “Generated Data”) is purged of all Personally Identifiable Information.

3. Generated Data. GiSC exclusively owns all Generated Data stored or created by our Services, including, but not limited to, any and all aggregations, syntheses, compilations, analyses, and extractions of such Generated Data. GiSC may use such Generated Data for any lawful purpose as GiSC chooses.

a. Generated Data Opt-Out – GiSC is committed to growers “getting the most out of their data”. For growers to realize the full potential of their ag operation data, that data must be combined with other growers’ ag data. The sum is greater than parts. However, GiSC, is a cooperative that serves its members. If a member prefers that their data not be included in any Generated Data, the member has the option to “Opt-Out” (please see the GiSC Membership Agreement: Paragraph 7. Use and Management by GiSC of Your Data)

Updating Information

GiSC is committed to the accuracy of the information contained within our Services. GiSC will be diligent to extend that commitment to the data in your personal data account. Ultimately, however, you best know your operation and are in the best position to notice any inaccuracies. GiSC has designed our Services to allow you the capability of updating and editing much of the data and information contained in your personal data account, especially your personal information.

Please be aware that if you edit or delete personal information in your personal data account, the information stored prior to the edit or deletion will be removed from GiSC’s servers within a period of time not to exceed sixty (60) days.

If you choose to delete your account or terminate your subscription to our Services, all personal data will be deleted and removed from GiSC’s servers within a period of time not to exceed sixty (60) days. All other data, including any and all Generated Data will remain the property of GiSC and may be retained and used by GiSC at its discretion.


Maintaining your privacy, and the security of your data, is an integral component of our Services. We are committed to industry leading policies and technical safeguards to reasonably ensure your information is protected. However, please be aware GiSC cannot guarantee, or warrant, such protection to you.

Additional Terms

Privacy Rights of Children

GiSC does not knowingly solicit, collect, or store the personal information of children under the age of 13. All users – please do not submit any personal information of a child under the age of 13. If you are under the age of 13, please do not use our Services or submit personal information to our Services. If we discover any personal information of a child under the age of 13, the information will be deleted and removed for our Services and system platform.

Changes to Privacy Policy/Company Ownership

GiSC may update, revise, or amend this Privacy Policy, along with the Terms of Service , from time to time. If a change is made to this Privacy Policy or Terms of Service , GiSC will notify you. Continued use of our Services will indicate your acceptance of the updated, revised, or amended Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Service .

In the event GiSC is sold or is a party to a merger or acquisition, this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service shall be assigned to the succeeding ownership, with all rights and obligations created by this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service passing to the successor.

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