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The centralized place to collect, store, and share farm and field level information securely. AgHub enables sharing, aggregating, and anonymizing collective data, so you can get the most out of data. When we come together collectively as growers, we can gain real insights to be the most productive operations.


Powered by Main Street Data: Using Validator, quickly see your yield opportunities and get more return on your investments. This unique web tool consolidates billions of current and historical agronomic data points, allowing farmers to benchmark their own performance, year over year, down to a granular micro-field level. Understand your field data and plot the solution to maximize production and profitability.


Powered by iChannel: Upload, convert, search, and sort your critical paper and digital documents. Then easily route them to the appropriate business partners in a variety of formats. Take the mountain of paperwork off your desk and store it securely in an app that makes your documents more useful.


Powered by Main Street Data: Better market forecasting thanks to more and better data. You and your operation will see more opportunities for optimal pricing with this powerful trading tool.

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The future is here at GiSC

GiSC is proud to be a certified Ag Data Transparent company!

A non-profit corporation backed by a consortium of farm industry groups, commodity organizations and ag technology providers, the Ag Data Transparent seal provides farmers with transparency, simplicity and trust in their precision agricultural technology contracts.

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