GiSC is the agriculture industry’s
only grower-run data cooperative.

Founding Objectives:

The fact is many things have changed for GiSC since its inception to today; however, GiSC’s three key objectives, the Coop’s cornerstone and foundation, remain the same

Data Control & Ownership

Team up with like-minded individuals and organizations to establish the precedent that growers should (and must) own and control their farm data and bring attention to farmers’ vested interest their farm data

Digital Solutions Toolbox

Offer GiSC’s farmer-members a secure digital platform that functions as a robust toolbox of digital solutions and a central repository for growers’ operational data, while providing data governance through the coop model

Real Value

Reward GiSC farmer-members for connecting & collaborating with each other and supply chain partners on the GiSC platform: returning value back to its members as the digital platform grows in both users & information

A Powerful Force for Rural America

Farm Operation Data
Use it & Control it

GiSC is in the right place at the right time to capture the value of growers connecting and collaborating on the Coop Platform and ensuring growers have REAL ownership and control of their business data

The Opportunity
Harness the Power of Data

GiSC is building a Preferred Provider Network of cutting-edge technology partners to bring products and tools to growers – technologies that offer SOLUTIONS: effective tools that have an impact on the bottom line

Delivering Value
To Our Members and Beyond

GiSC’s vision is to provide real value to its members by leveraging the value of its grower-members’ network as its members connect & collaborate and pursuing innovative ways to reward its members