Post Harvest Yield Analysis

As harvest for many growers is winding down, the planning process for next year is just beginning. Which begs the question–when should an individual begin analyzing yield maps from the most recent harvest season? Our most recent conversations with agronomists allow us to say, without exception, the answer is “the sooner the better”. The sooner you know the quality of your yield data the sooner you can know if you can value the recommendations it can bring to your operation.

Time is Now

The verdict is in and GiSC is certain that the value of quality calibrated yield data can unlock the answers to many suspicions you might have as a grower. It may in fact illuminate opportunities that you have never contemplated to improve profitability.  Having that first look post-harvest, can lead to successful planning for next year’s crop. As growers’ look for the most optimum performing hybrids, to fertilizer timing and amounts, or in what areas of the field the grower needs to focus.

First Step

The first step is retrieving the data from the machine.  For many, this involves pulling the data via USB stick from the monitor. In recent years, the adoption of cloud technology platforms has allowed many growers to stream their data to their respective cloud-based service for storage as they harvest. From there, growers can download the files via the cloud service to their computer for use in analysis applications or in conjunction with their agronomist.

GISC Difference

GiSC does not make recommendations around inputs for the grower but we are committed to working to understand the deficiencies in data collection, calibration, quality, and post-processing of the yield file. We know that many data platforms have yield analysis tools built within them, which enables growers to view analysis on a field by field basis. We are trying to understand what is the minimum level of quality and completeness that the yield file needs to contain before it should be used in recommending inputs or practice changes for the next crop. We want to make sure that growers are seeing accurate variation in field performance. Good data can lead to business insights around understanding the variations of yield within a field and a grower can make decisions on inputs like seed and fertilizer for next year to optimize productivity by field. Quality yield data can detect drainage and fertility issues within fields that continually drag yield down.

Unbiased Yield Analysis Option

For growers looking for an unbiased tool to maximize the use of their yield data, we recommend The Validator from Main Street Data offered exclusively by GiSC. This application allows growers to analyze their yield files, benchmark those yields, and determine zones within a field to focus on going forward with the visualization from the Validator Gap Map. By understanding zone variations within a given field, a grower can utilize recommendations from his agronomist to develop a strategy to maximize productivity for the field. Validator provides an unbiased analysis that enables growers to benchmark their crop production against other fields with similar soil types, weather, etc., giving growers a great representation of how their production practices and inputs are truly performing.


Take advantage of the technology you have on your equipment. Improving yield by a few bushels an acre across all your fields, can significantly boost your revenue and bottom line. Early analysis of yield can help you make the right choices on inputs and it may also give you the confidence to take advantage of early seed purchasing discounts, fertilizer, and other inputs for next year’s crop. These early decisions lead to discounted early purchasing which can lower your cost of production and improve your bottom line. In these tough times you can’t afford not to collect and analyze your harvest yield files using the best practices, so you have the right insights?

Take Action

Take the time and effort to collect quality data, get those files off the machine to begin unlocking the value of your data such as insights to profitability. You really have no reason not to, and just might find yourself in a better planning position for next year.  Join GiSC and let’s work together to get the most out of your data.

By: Billy Tiller Founder/CEO GiSC

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