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Currently, farm performance knowledge is based on incomplete and mostly inaccurate yield data. The tools used to analyze crop yield are often convoluted, misleading, and pushed by companies selling inputs. How can you trust the validity of your BPA in any comparative analysis without factoring in the weather conditions that were a large variable in producing the crop? How can you know if your business is competitive without a comparative baseline?  Who would have the data and the knowledge to benchmark yields driven by such a complex equation?  Main Street Data has the data science to understand the relationship between yield and the uncontrollable variables.


Validator puts it all together–it factors in the variables you can’t control; it utilizes 7 years of historical data from 7 million US fields and the empirical correlation of 1.3 billion observations of yield to 56 uncontrollable variables. Validator lets you choose your own benchmarking level to show you your yield, yield gap, and ROI potential in bushels and dollars. Growers can benchmark by percentile or BPA, and export management zones as KML or Shapefiles to share with their agronomist and other partners.


  • Data set collected over 7 years and 1.3 billion subfields of data
  • Benchmark soil, commodity, and geographical location
  • Evaluate your “True ROI” in BPA, percentile and dollars
  • Understand and benchmark your fields down to the subfield agronomic level
  • Gain membership to a powerful collaboration platform
  • Utilize 5 years of your data for $2.50/ac. Or a single year for $.85/ac.
  • Backed by a money back guarantee

Validator is based on FarmLink: Winner of the 2015 New Economy Award for Best Agriculture Solutions

— New Economy Magazine


See how powerful Validator is for yourself. Main Street Data has generously offered for GiSC Members a hands-on experience. Evaluate one field and crop with Validator and receive the following:

  1. Field-level Benchmarks
  2. 3-year Historical Data
  3. Auto draw or manually draw field zones to target
  4. Create irrigation zones
  5. Create exclusion zones

“The Validator is the first real data science to come to the ag producer in a format that he can utilize for decision-making. Farmers must no longer guess about whether they are performing at a competitive level or if they are getting optimal production from their fields. The tool provides them with that vital information at a subfield level where precision agriculture decisions are required. If for any reason a farmer is not satisfied, we will refund his money, asking only the reason so we can use the feedback to improve the product.”

Billy Tiller

Farm A Winning Strategy with Validator


See our flexible pricing structures and compare Validator plan features.


Create a standard against which field performance may be compared or assessed and see your outcomes in the Validator benchmark map view.


See which parts of your fields are underperforming with geo-targeted views down to 150 square feet in the Validator yield gap view.

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