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INCLUDED with Membership: PaperRoute makes it easier. Upload, auto-sort, store, and share files with your most trusted partners. Control at your fingertips.


Your agronomist, banker, insurance agent, and your other trusted advisors — everyone needs your information to complete the loan file, the crop insurance claim, or provide a seeding recommendation. You need to take back your office, uncover your desk from the mountains of paper and thumbdrives, and breathe a sigh of relief when files that are needed by your partners flow through you and then to them. GiSC levels the growing field and makes sure the grower is always be in the loop.


An easy, digital solution that keeps everything organized, secured, and readily available for you and those you want to permit to access.


  • Members are provided a unique email address at AgHub.Coop that acts as a data and file collector.
  • Files are routed via your AgHub.Coop email into predefined categories based on the title in the subject line.
  • The email message is digitized and converted to a PDF and combined with any attached file that is easily converted to a PDF for viewing (pdf, jpeg, png, etc…).
  • In addition to those files being converted to PDF, PaperRoute will save many files in their native file formats.
  • All PDF’s are processed with OCR (optical character recognition) which allows digitized documents to be searched when downloaded to your laptop.
  • Your personal web portal securely houses it all in one place and allows you to view on a mobile device–trusted partners can be given access as necessary.
  • Membership card includes the unique email address to present to trusted partners
  • You can purchase additional email addresses if you manage more than one operation.

“PaperRoute is a dream for crop insurance and accountants. I personally know the pain of collecting information to complete crop insurance applications or to move forward with claims. This is a tool that is needed, but this is done right because all the data flows through the grower first. The grower should always be in the loop.”

— Monty Edwards
Former Owner of a large Crop Insurance Agency

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