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Exclusive add-on: The power of IBM and Watson, tailored for growers like you


Managing risks and understanding what’s happening in certain fields at any time is one of the many burdens in agriculture, today.


IBM brings a suite of tools in the IBM Weather Operations Dashboard to tackle the challenges of managing risks and put an eye towards the sky. The app manages from sky to soil level conditions to maximize awarness and productivity.


  • Weather The world’s most accurate weather data from The Weather Company, including historical data, near-real-time observations (500 meter resolution), and forecasts fifteen days in advance, as well as seasonal and sub-seasonal trends.
  • Remote Sensing High definition visual imagery from multiple satellites. The future will include drones, and fixed-wing aircraft.
  • Cloud Computing for Real-Time Observations The Dashboard is integrated with AgHub so you are able to see your fields in real-time. This integration allows for crop type and planting date to flow into IBM for real-time analytics at your fingertips.
  • Watson Analytics The Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture applies AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics to your fields. These analytics, when combined with AgHub data, can extract valuable insights and automatically generate guidance. A unified dashboard enables growers to easily visualize data and alerts related to critical elements such as weather forecasts, soil conditions, evapotranspiration rates, and crop stress.


A technology titan with almost 400,000 employees operating worldwide, IBM is in a “constant state of innovation” powering “inventions that matter”.

As a GiSC partner, IBM provides high-quality data plus state-of-the-art tools without pushing any inputs. IBM’s game-changing AI will bring the business of farming to a new level for coop members. The IBM Dashboard will come out soon and will feature world-class weather forecasting, remote sensing, cloud computing, Watson enabled analytics and blockchain.

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IBM Weather Dashboard

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