Generations of farmers have faced challenges before them by embracing new innovations, such as mechanical harvesters, crop genetics, and more recently auto-steer technology. Today’s farmer is obviously no different. Farming today is challenging with low commodity prices, high production inputs costs, and a constantly changing public policy landscape. There are many obstacles for growers, and the list of things that need to be managed and kept track of seems to grow like pigweeds. These challenges, coupled with industry consolidation happening all over, farmers must utilize every tool at their disposal to survive and prosper, now and for the legacy they leave for future generations.

New Opportunities 

Here in 2018, the technology age in agriculture is in full force. In production agriculture, we are at a place where we must decide how to deploy emerging technology to best deal with increasing production demands. This presents somewhat of a dilemma, because for growers the question “isn’t whether they will participate, but how”. This situation presents a real opportunity. Farm managers, like never before, have opportunities to take control of their operations with digital tools. Almost all facets of the farm operation are now more easily managed, transparent, and integrated. A bold, but frankly true statement: the farmers that identify, adopt and utilize technology tools that deliver real value will be the most successful growers going forward—they will pass on the farming legacy to the next generation of growers.

What is Pro-Active

In today’s digital age it truly pays to be a “Pro-Active” farmer. By “Pro-Active”, I refer to farmers that embrace the innovations accessible now at our fingertips and realize the potential value these opportunities present by adeptly deploying their technology strategy.

The Solution

With GiSC, our current and future grower-members are positioned to be very much in the “Pro-Active” camp, whether they are currently ahead, or behind, the technology curve. Our members will capitalize on a set of world-class digital tools and be empowered by leveraging these tools. GiSC has partnered with very capable, unbiased, independent partners that share our vision of grower success. The suite of products from GiSC’s technology partners, Main Street Data and IBM, will grow our members into “Pro-Active” innovators and leaders. These operations will be powered by bottom-line data insights that give clear answers to the production puzzle and a vivid glimpse of future revenues through market and weather forecasting.

Parting Thought

As a farmer, think to yourself: what are you doing now to become more “Pro-Active” so that the legacy you leave is lasting.

By: Billy Tiller Founder & CEO GISC

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