We all know one size definitely does not fit all in the agriculture industry. That goes double for the technology tools growers employ. Deciding the digital solutions right for your farm, and getting those solutions to harmoniously work together for you, is a complex puzzle.

The vision of GiSC’s founders was to provide a path out of the technology labyrinth: by developing a digital platform as the backbone of a comprehensive technology offering that could radically simplify this issue for a significant portion of US growers. As the base platform, GiSC envisioned bringing on partners who could “turbocharge” the platform with state-of-the art solutions growers could access directly through the GiSC-Xchange platform.

And while the sledding hasn’t always been easy, GiSC’s founders knew the best business model for this vision was an agriculture cooperative that focused on growers’ information technology needs. The coop business model provides an opportunity for its patrons to benefit from that patronage, but even more than that, it is the one way to ensure transparency regarding the “who, what, where, when, and why” of technology providers’ use of farm operation data.

2018 is going to be a big year for GiSC. Stay tuned as GiSC launches the GiSC-Xchange in full force thanks to the support of our partners and the technologies they will bring to growers through GiSC’s Preferred Provider Network.