Frequently Asked Questions

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    How much does GiSC partnership cost?

    GiSC is free for our fellow growers. All other partners can contact us page) todiscuss partnership details.

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    What is the AgXchange platform?

    AgXchange™ is an open, cloud-based platform that gives growers a centralized location to capture datafrom a variety of devices, store that data securely and manage access to it. Ag Pro Exchange, the creators ofAgXchange, are the exclusive technology partners of GiSC.

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    Who can use the AgXchange platform?

    AgXchange gives growers a simple web and mobile solution to pull together all data generated in youroperations. Service partners and platform providers can then access that data if the grower authorizes it.

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    Why do growers love GiSC?

    GiSC membership gives growers the ability to easily track and produce their crops using state-of-the-arttechnology to consolidate collected data in one place, complete with historical and comparative analysis andreal-time report sharing.

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    Why do data partners love GiSC?

    GiSC membership gives data partners access to robust data sets, including acreage, weather, plant health,harvest status, crop type and an FSA map view, all of which is easily integrated into existing technologyservices thanks to the AgXchange’s open nature.


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